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  • COGO Primary Survey Results

    At COGO Travel we are always looking for new ways to improve our residentials and ensure we are offering high quality experiences linking to the national curriculum. With over 24 years experience in organising educational breaks across the UK and Europe, we pride ourselves in being able to offer brilliant residentials and encourage learning outside the classroom.  At the beginning of the year we asked teachers to share their experiences and opinions on what makes a brilliant residential
  • Swap screens for nature

    ‘With half of their time spent at screens, the next generation will be poorly equipped to defend the natural world from harm’. The Guardian states the above in a recent article entitled ‘If children lose contact with nature they won’t fight for it.’ Shockingly, 11 - 15year olds in Britain now spend, on average, half their waking day in front of a screen. With this statistic in mind, The Guardian quite rightly question who will
  • Benefits Of A Residential

    At COGO Travel Primary we pride ourselves in providing brilliant residential experiences for our customers.  Within each of our tailor-made trips we outline the potential learning outcomes, but strongly believe in both teachers and children having a key part to play in creating the right trip for their individual group with us, to ensure they maximise the value and take-homes from their residential. Wherever the destination or style of residential, we aim to benefit children with new
  • Activity Focus: Fencing

    Want to know more about the activities used in our residentials? This time we are turning our attention to something a bit different – the Olympic art of fencing! This ancient sport is always popular as one of our school residential trip activities; after all, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to be a swashbuckling hero! So what can participants expect from being introduced to fencing as part of their COGO Primary Residential? After a full safety briefing, those
  • How To: Build a Woodland Den

    Building a den in the woods is a great outdoor activity for the weekends or during their school residential trip, one that children will remember for a long time after. Searching and collecting all the materials, using their imagination to visualise how the structure and working with classmates to create something amazing.  The sense of accomplishment they will feel when sheltering from the elements inside having built it all by themselves will last longer than
  • 5 myths of a school residential

    A school residential trip is an experience that the majority of pupils in the UK have or will experience during their schooling years and for many it can be a rite of passage. However, whether you are a teacher organising one for the first time or a parent experiencing sending a child away for the first time, the prospect of school activity breaks can be daunting. You’ve heard the stories, you may vividly remember your own experiences, you
  • Activity Focus: Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing is a great activity for children on an activity residential trip building upon both mental and physical aspects.  It doesn’t matter about skill level and its not a team sport, so every child can attach their safety harness and have fun! What is Rock Climbing?Rock climbing was originally used by experienced climbers practicing their skills for when they needed to scale difficult sections of a mountain, but its fun so it quickly became a
  • The Importance of Mental Health in the Classroom

    Mental Health for years has been a hidden topic and only recently discussed openly in relation to young people, with many shying away from considering the importance of psychological health development alongside academic performance. It’s amazing how at school we encourage healthy living through PE lessons, regular sports days and discussions on diet, yet mental health, despite being such a growing phenomenon amongst school age children, is often left to cower in the background.  However, as World
  • Weekend Activity: Flower Power Magic

    It is important to keep young inquisitive minds stimulated and to encourage their growth with the natural world around them, which is why we love to share great weekend children’s activity ideas inspired by our school residential trips to continue the learning and exploration.  This weekend our children’s activity is one we have nicknamed ‘Flower Power Magic’ and is all about getting colourfully creative with the flora by creating
  • Benefits of School Residential Trips: Independence

     At COGO we are keen to share and shout about the benefits of school residential trips! We’ve already written about how school residential trips can encourage inspiration and aspiration and how they can improve relationships and social interaction with pupils. This time, we bring to you a piece on how school residential trips can encourage and foster independent pupils.  We recently had the opportunity to submit a question on the wonderful Monday night primary educational
  • Benefits of School Residential Trips: Social Interaction

    Alongside our commitment to providing high quality school residential trips full of adventures, activities and fun for all, we actively believe that there are incomparable benefits of school residential trips.  In order to evidence this belief, we have looked into a wide range of quantitative research on the subject.  It is clear that school residential trips can foster improved social interaction and help build classroom relationships.  School residential trips require pupils to take part in residential activities
  • Benefits of School Residential Trips: Inspiration & Aspiration

    What are the real benefits to your pupils when you take them on a school residential trip? Here at COGO Primary we’re exploring some of the top results from extensive industry research and reports undertaken and complied over the last decade. This time we are focusing inspiration and aspiration as one of the benefits of school residential trips. Perhaps this benefit is not the most obvious, but as we have discovered, it is one that is highly prevalent
  • 4 Reasons to connect with the outdoors

    Whilst much of the purpose of our primary school trips are for children to take part in activities with their peers, let off some steam, learn valuable skills through play and develop personally. Another core part of the trips is to ensure children get to spend some quality time outdoors. Our experience has shown us how valuable this time is for pupils and the how important spending time outdoors is. Yet, we seem to read all too frequently on
  • Discover Nature

    Spending quality time outside is great for all of us, yet it is a particularly wonderful opportunity for families to re-connect, relax and get away from the distractions of home, work and school. However, if you’re thinking of grabbing your wellies and taking the family out for a stroll, we suggest you give it a fun and educational twist…you guessed it, make it into a nature trail! You don’t have to venture
  • Orienteering – don’t get lost!

    One of the most exciting things about a school residential trip for children is breaking out of the classroom to have fun in the great outdoors, learning a new set of skills and participating in a range of fun activities with their classmates.  We use orienteering exercised in several of our primary school residentials. We believe it’s the perfect way to explore the outdoors, experience new environments and work cooperatively as a team. 
  • Outdoor Education in an Age of Technology

    Here at COGO, we are entirely focused on adventure and outdoor education and if we’re honest, you couldn’t describe us as technology experts. However, with the increase of technology in today’s society, its use is undoubtedly increasing in schools and the lives of young people. There are of course both positive and negative impacts of this, so it would be extremely amiss to ignore this trend that has such a large impact on
  • Butlin's Skegness: What are the benefits?

    Our Butlin’s centre is based inside the Blue Flag beach resort of Skegness, and provides non-stop fun. Offering a full set of adventure activities in a modern and safe environment, the facilities and activities are exceptional, including Splash Waterworld, a traditional fairground, and an abundance of evening entertainment, such as Aladdin Rocks and disco nights. But what are the benefits of heading to Butlin’s Skegness on your next residential? Butlin’s Benefits
  • Benefits of School Residentials: Enthusiasm in Learning

    “I’m more interested in arousing enthusiasm in kids than in teaching the facts. The facts may change, but that enthusiasm for exploring the world will remain with them the rest of their lives.” – Simon Seymour How do we create enthusiastic learners? Naturally, this is easier in primary schools than secondary schools; younger children tend to have more inquisitive minds and zest for learning. Untarnished by the pains of adolescence in secondary school.  However, igniting