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Orienteering – don’t get lost!

One of the most exciting things about a school residential trip for children is breaking out of the classroom to have fun in the great outdoors, learning a new set of skills and participating in a range of fun activities with their classmates. 

We use orienteering exercised in several of our primary school residentials. We believe it’s the perfect way to explore the outdoors, experience new environments and work cooperatively as a team. Want to know more? Read on to find out more on this challenging group exercise and what children learn…

 What is Orienteering?

Orienteering is an exciting outdoor adventure sport which involves walking or running to navigate your way around a course using a detailed map and sometimes a compass.  The aim is for your team to complete the course going past all the checkpoints in the fastest time.


Is it Fun?

Of course it’s fun! Orienteering is about working together as a team to win. It’s fun along the way and has a real sense of outdoor excitement, while learning how to read a map and putting these skills to the test at speed.


What Skills do Children Develop?

Orienteering helps develop many skills that are important for a child’s learning outside the classroom; an important part of the curriculum helping develop skills that are best learnt through outdoor activities.  Working together to navigate around a course, Orienteering develops new skills and builds upon team work, whilst improving physical techniques that enhance knowledge of the outdoor environment.


Feeling inspired? Head over to the website to read more on our range of primary school residential trips around the UK and Europe. Orienteering can be found on several of our trips, one of our favourites being in the heart of the South Downs in Sussex.

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