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The Importance of Mental Health in the Classroom

Mental Health for years has been a hidden topic and only recently discussed openly in relation to young people, with many shying away from considering the importance of psychological health development alongside academic performance.

It’s amazing how at school we encourage healthy living through PE lessons, regular sports days and discussions on diet, yet mental health, despite being such a growing phenomenon amongst school age children, is often left to cower in the background. 

However, as World Mental Health Day 2016 approached yesterday, all of us at COGO HQ have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and content posted around mental health. It’s refreshing to witness thousands of people taking to twitter and facebook to share advice, stories and top tips on the subject whatever their age or situation. 

At COGO we are firm believers in encouraging more discussions around mental health, and have had an incredible amount of support behind us in our recent decision to incorporate mental health focused sessions into our primary school residential trips. 

Having listened to feedback from a number of teachers and educational experts, we hand crafted ‘Happy Being Me’ residential trips. Supporting children as they develop emotional intelligence, our Happy Being Me school trip consist of a blend of mindfulness and outdoor learning sessions to aid children with a tool box of life skills. 

The sessions are held with our expert Aideen Smith-Watson. As a qualified mindfulness well-being coach, she has worked with a huge variety of clients including teachers, students and parents who are looking for positive ways to support their students and children find coping strategies to understand and adapt to life’s pressures such as Stress; Anxiety; low Concentration or Self Doubt. 

Broken into three topics, ‘The Mind-body connection’, ‘The Power of Positivity’ and ‘Building of resilience’, on completing the sessions both students and teachers will have greater awareness of positive changes they can make and the learning outcomes can include anything from improved concentration and communication skills, to increasing control over feelings and boosting self-esteem through positive thinking.

Our top tip to teachers? Take your children outside the classroom to help improve concentration and engagement. Physical activity helps to balance mental health and wellbeing, combined with children naturally building confidence through new experiences.

Exclusive to COGO Travel, we are proud to see our Happy Being Me residential trips supporting mental health and providing positive learning outside the classroom experiences. We firmly believe in approaching the subject of mental health head on and incorporating it as part of residential trips moving forward.

If you want to know more about our primary school residential trips and our Happy Being Me trips, head to the website for more information. Alternatively, join in the conversation on facebook or twitter.