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Activity Focus: Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great activity for children on an activity residential trip building upon both mental and physical aspects.  It doesn’t matter about skill level and its not a team sport, so every child can attach their safety harness and have fun!

What is Rock Climbing?
Rock climbing was originally used by experienced climbers practicing their skills for when they needed to scale difficult sections of a mountain, but its fun so it quickly became a sport of its own!  There are many times of rock climbing such as bouldering, sport climbing, soloing, traditional, and ice climbing.  But here on our Residential Trips you don’t need to worry about how dangerous these sound because we have purpose built climbing walls and fully trained and experienced qualified instructors

Physical vs Mental
Rock climbing is a great sport for an activity residential because it challenges the climber both psychically and mentally.

It challenges you physically because climbing up to the wall takes a lot of strength and flexibility, you need to pull your weight and use nearly every muscle in your body to reach the top.  Our climbing walls have multiple stages to suit all agility, strength and skill levels, so every child can climb to the top and feel the sense of achievement looking down.

Rock climbing takes:

  • Patience
  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Concentration
  • Determination
  • Problem solving

There is also a lot of mental skill involved.  Rock climbing requires strategy and focus to work out the best route for you to take to the top, you have to work out where to put your hands and feet based on your strength and flexibility, its a lot like a mental puzzle.  There is a lot of focus involved which can help those children who sometimes find it hard to focus on the activity at hand, they're not going to start fidgeting or lost focus when they're suspended on a rope half way up a climbing wall!

Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when you've made it to the top, this can be a huge confidence boost for children feeling this sense of accomplishment which they can use to help them on them propel into the next activity.  But, before this comes the scary bit... Abseiling back down!

For more informaiton on our outdoor residentials and the activities included, check out our range of trips. Rock Climbing is an activity included at many centres such as our Butlin's residentials. For more information, contact us.